One Month Celebration

Built in Belfast, Ireland, described as unsinkable and touted as the most luxurious hotel ever built, she set sail on her maiden voyage from the ports of Southampton, NY. Only five days into her journey, on April 14th 1912, just before midnight, she struck an iceberg . The mighty RNS Titanic and all her glory would plunge to the depths of the ocean with many of the lives on board. For decades she’d lie undisturbed. Her distress signal indicated she was positioned at Latitude 41º 46′ N and Longitude 50º 14 W.

So, my one month celebration of this blog, though not at the history making level of the Titanic sinking, is a milestone for me. As I further perused lists of events that happened this day in history, it is also notable that on this day, 14th April 1865, President Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth while attending the comedy, “Our American Cousin,” at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. He would die the next day.

Additionally, on “14th April 1935 : Twenty of the worst ‘Black Blizzards’ that occurred throughout the Dust Bowl years happen on a single day often referred to as ‘Black Sunday’ which turned day into night.”1 People reported not being able to see five feet in front of them. “The Dust Bowl years were caused by misuse of land through intensive farming with little thought of soil conservation…”1 Farmland became useless, and with the drought millions left.

The somber events of April 14th leave much to be desired, but one can only pray this blog does not follow suite and sink away into oblivion as the Titanic. Rather than sink, I pray it becomes a beacon for a movement that I’ve grown to love and respect — The Seventh-day Adventist Church. Throughout history many movements have taught lessons and changed the course of generations. The lesson the mighty Titanic would forever teach ship-builders is that no ship is unsinkable, and many captains would learn from the many mistakes of the Titanic.

The Adventist Church in many ways has been a church to emulate. Perhaps drifting off course a bit here and there, but moving steadily along. God has ordained this movement, and His mighty hand is shining the light for her to follow. I am truly convinced that unlike the Titanic, the Adventist Church will not sink. She may face rough waves, may lose sails here and there, take on water, and even lose engine power for short spurts, but if she holds true, God will guide her ever onward. As mentioned in my very first post, my aim is to defend her against sullying and to also point out when she seems to veer off course.

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1) (accessed 14th April 2012)

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