New Documentary Out on Vaccines and GMO

I received this email and thought I’d share it. There’s only a day left, but better late than never.

I wanted to inform all of you that there is a new documentary out called Bought: The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, & Your Food. They are offering free viewing until March 6. The DVD is available for $24.95.

I find it interesting that just recently this very topic came up with the candidates running for President in the USA for the Republican Party. It’s also interesting that Ben Carson, has sided with big pharma in pushing the agenda that vaccines are needed and that they should be mandatory for public school children. The association is not endorsing the video, it’s a personal thing, but I also do not endorse everything about the video, but offer it and say it’s an eye opener and very informative. Please share your comments here about what you thought. Anyway, I want to encourage you all to watch it.

You only have until Friday, March 6 to watch. They will ask for your email, but I opted out of receiving updates.

Here is your link (if that doesn’t work, here is the url

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